Guiding Beliefs


Our guiding beliefs are built from the ideals and founding principles of this nation, and are centered around the belief that every human deserves the rights, recognition and resources necessary to thrive. We believe all people are created equal and every person has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore no person should ever be subject to any form of slavery or involuntary servitude.

Our Beliefs

Centering Incarcerated Voices: Our organization recognizes the importance of centering those most affected by the issues central to our mission. We are dedicated to ensuring that our narrative and actions are driven by incarcerated persons and their families.

Intersectionality: We approach these issues through an intersectional lens and recognize the nebulous nature of incarceration, and whom the criminal justice system affects (e.g. incarcerated persons, survivors/victims, families, community members, etc.).

Nonpartisanship: In a time when partisan divisions in the U.S. affect nearly every aspect of life, we seek to build coalitions across ideological and party lines. We strive to work with people of all backgrounds and beliefs to build an equitable and free future based on common goals.

Anti-racism: We are committed to dismantling racist policies that uphold an antiquated system of slavery and oppression.

Humanity: We believe that all human beings have inherent rights and dignity. At OASIS, we recognize the wholeness of each person and that a person is not the worst mistake they ever made.